meducation® API

Easily Integrate With Your IT Systems. Meducation content is available via a simple REST-based web service API. The API is designed to allow access to Meducation content using existing prescription medication data and associated standard coding schemes. For medicines, the API supports either NDC or RxNorm coding standards. For SIGs (patient specific how-to-take instructions), Meducation can process most free-text representations as well as codified SIG forms.

In general, the API accepts a set of parameters and returns output in any of several formats, ranging from “raw” formats suitable for further processing and display (e.g., XML, XHTML) to ready-to-print formats such as PDF and PCL. The API can also deliver hyperlinks, via textual or graphical (QR) URLs, to allow for a greater level of interaction by the user, or for later access to Meducation content through personal computers or mobile (smartphone, tablet) platforms.

The API is designed so that no patient-specific information is transmitted between systems.

  • API documentation R4.1
  • Med Instructions (CMI)
  • Medication Summaries
  • Video demonstrations
  • Multi-language
  • Subscription pricing