• Fact: Four billion prescriptions are dispensed each year.1
  • Fact: One of every three patients has difficulty understanding medication instructions.2
  • Fact: Nonadherence is associated with adverse outcomes and higher costs of care.3

Improve Medication Adherence and Errors. Meducation is a time-saving, innovative on-line tool that generates simpler, personalized medication instructions in the patient's preferred language. Patient-specific medication instructions – drug, dose, time of day -- are simplified to 5-8th grade reading level & presented in intuitive formats. Pictograms of time of day and medication techniques convey information unambiguously.

Meducation creates simple, actionable medication calendars that are based on health literacy research to improve medication adherence. Meducation integrated with your existing IT system. The medication list is truly portable and can be accessed and updated by healthcare providers across disparate networks, regardless of which IT systems they use.

All content is available in over 20 languages and can be delivered to patients, electronically or printed, without interrupting clinical workflow. All content is then accessible by patients from home via the patient portal.

Funded in part by National Institutes of Health/NIMHD SBIR Grant Program (R44MD001212).

  • Health literacy research
  • 5-8th grade reading level
  • Larger fonts for elderly
  • 23 languages
  • Video demonstrations
  • Personalized
  • Patient portal
  • Subscription pricing

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1 The Use of Medicines in the United States: Review 2010. IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, 2011.
2 Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion. Institute of Medicine, 2004.
3 “Thinking Outside The Pillbox: A System-wide Approach to Improving Patient Adherence for Chronic Disease.” NEHI, 2009.