Whether you are an independent retailer or a multinational chain, you have always searched for ways to serve your customers and improve their health. The incremental pressure of Star Ratings from your health plan partners now makes it imperative for you to be even more involved in your customers’ health management. Static leaflets and translations services are not enough.

Meducation provides your customers with:

  • The only Low Health Literacy solution that instantly and accurately converts patient-specific drug & SIG information to a easily understood instructions, in a choice of font sizes, with pictograms and intuitive representations of daily schedules
  • Services that can increase your revenue, improve customer retention and expand your customer base
  • A solution that improves medication adherence and positively impact patient health outcomes

With Star Ratings, improving medication adherence and health outcomes is now a financial necessity. Meducation is proven to help Pharmacies dramatically improve medication adherence and improve patient health.