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Low health literacy is the inability to obtain, read, understand and use healthcare information to make appropriate health decisions and follow instructions for treatment. According to the American Medical Association Low Health Literacy is a stronger predictor of health than age, income, employment status and race. 90 million, or 1 in 3, Americans are Low Health Literate.

Yes, Meducation integrates easily into any clinical, hospital or pharmacy IS environment. Your EMR or Pharmacy Management System vendor does not need to be involved. We take care of integrating into your workflow.

Meducation is a cloud based software application that can be turned up instantly. There is no installation. There are no ongoing maintenance fees.

Meducation is a solution for healthcare providers, physicians, clinicians and pharmacists, that creates patient-specific medication and medical instructions for low health literate and limited English proficient patients. Healthcare providers print or email Meducation content and show videos to their patients when they see them. However, all content is then accessible by the patient whenever and wherever they chose – from their smartphone, tablet, PC, website.

Polyglot continuously reviews and updates its proprietary library of Meducation® content, which currently contains approximately 2300 distinct medicines (name, strength, dose form) corresponding to approximately 108,000 NDC codes. The content represents over 90% of the most frequently prescribed medications in America. Polyglot monitors FDA, ISMP and other authoritative sources and solicits feedback from its licensees to update and augment content.


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