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Meducation family of products deliver proven results.

Accountable care requires effective patient communication. Target high risk patients - those with low health literacy and language barriers. Meducation family of products can improve medication adherence, hospital readmissions, and medication errors.

Health Literacy

One of every three people in the United States has low health literacy - the ability to 1) gather, 2) understand, and then 3) act on appropriate health information. Low health literacy is a stronger predictor of health than age, income, employment status and race.

Medication Adherence

Improve medication adherence by visualizing patients' medication adherence history and providing simple, visual daily medication dosing schedules.

Hospital Readmission

Ineffective discharge and medication non-adherence are two of the leading causes of hospital readmission. Prevent readmissions by providing concise, easy-to-follow discharge instructions in the patient's preferred language.



Meducation creates simple, personalized medication information (PMI) sheets and calendars to improve medication adherence and reduce errors.

meducation® API

Meducation API provides web-based services to Meducation content.

meducation® Videos

Meducation Video shows proper medication techniques in the patient's preferred language.

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